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Does Homeschooling Deny the Missional Life?

Helen Lee, a friend of ours, is a homeschooling mom who wrote a book called The Missional Mom. She works at educating her children into a missional life. Tony Jones, a friend of ours, believes homeschooling denies the missional life. Here are some of Tony’s words from his re-post at his site today, where you [Read More…]

Ayn Rand Boiled Down

From Open Culture: So what does Rand’s philosophy of objectivism boil down to? Here is how Rand summed it up in ten words or less: “metaphysics: objective reality; epistemology: reason; ethics: self-interest; politics: capitalism.” If I was going to break that down a little bit, metaphysics is objective reality, which means we can only rely [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: Searching for Meaning

In seminary we were offered just one pastoral polity class. Along with the Bible, our suggested textbook was Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. We consulted the Bible for the baptism formula and how to lead the Lord’s Table. Either the seminary fathers assumed pastor and pastoral ministry was well-understood, or no [Read More…]

When Your Mother Immolates Herself (Tony Jones)

Tony Jones spent last week in Sri Lanka, on a tour for bloggers sponsored by World Vision. You can read all of his posts from Sri Lanka here. When the World Vision staff briefed us, they explained that Simras was orphaned when he was just seven months old. His mother had died; his father moved [Read More…]