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Two Catholic Votes, Two Nuns, Two RCC Teachings

From USA Today: Which group is the “best” Catholic? “There are at least two Catholic votes. There’s a difference between white Catholic voters and Latino voters,” Jones said. “If you look underneath the 2008 vote, the Latino Catholic vote was 73% for Obama. The white Catholic vote was won by McCain, 53% to 47%.” Campaigns [Read More…]

Peter as Process

One of the most stimulating discussions I have had over the years in classes and at churches when I am leading a discussion about conversion or about the Jesus Creed “emerge” from this question: What about you, when do you think Peter was converted? Let’s look briefly at the evidence. In John 1 Peter’s brother, Andrew, has heard from [Read More…]

It Begins Here

Alan Jacobs, in his exceptional and wide-ranging book, A Theology of Reading, makes a simple point that has sent my mind reeling and my heart into confession and prayer — and some reflection on how wide-ranging the Jesus Creed can become. Here it is: genuine interpretation of another’s writing is an act of love or [Read More…]

Prayer for the Week

Grant us, O Lord, to trust in you with all our hearts; for, as you always resist the proud who confide in their own strength, so you never forsake those who make their boast of your mercy; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now [Read More…]