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No Longer Needed

What device or devices do you no longer need or use now that you have an iPhone (or Smart phone)? Kris and I use our iPhones when we travel as an alarm clock, a computer, GPS, etc… The coolest device not needed — for me at least — is that on a golf course I [Read More…]

It isn’t about cheating

Alexandra Petri, on the Harvard scandal of cheating, explores an option other than simple cheating. It’s about failure, it’s about collaboration, it’s about too many who don’t think it is cheating. I’ve clipped some lines from her article, so if you want full context and article — and there’s more there — go to the [Read More…]

Keller on the Gospel

“The gospel,” Tim Keller, “is not everything.” Yet he also says, “Because the gospel is endlessly rich, it can handle the burden of being the one ‘main thing’ of a church.” I am glad that an increasing number of pastors and theologians are pushing hard against the notion that the gospel is the rudimentary thing [Read More…]

Reading Genesis after Darwin

Just think about it: What Darwin unleashed in his theory of evolution — common descent and natural selection — also had profound implications for how to read Genesis 1-3. I mention just a few, but I wonder this: What questions has scientific study generated for you? What does it make you ask about the Bible? [Read More…]