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What’s Next?

Most of us see why Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban supersized sugary drinks, but the issue is Who makes that decision (if not the seller of the product)? and What’s next? Mark Roberts weighs in: I’m all in favor of Americans (including me) cutting down on calories, especially empty ones. But I’m not all in [Read More…]

Homeschooled and Missional? Absolutely!

Recently we reposted a post of Tony Jones on the conflict of missional and homeschooling. Tony’s post got plenty of conversation, but what we need is a response by someone who does homeschooling and is involved in missional living. The person that came to mind for me is Helen Lee, and so she has written [Read More…]

Post-Tithing: David Croteau

From David Croteau, and his address can be found at the bottom of this post. Pastors and leaders of local churches have focused on tithing, in part because it is measurable and a good lever, but one must wonder why the NT never brings up the tithe. Is it because the NT knows that tithing [Read More…]

Third Way Gospel: Tim Keller’s Proposal

Tim Keller proposes a Third Way gospel. And he thinks our era, because it is largely unchurched and Christianity is not our culture, needs a focus on gospel renewal or revival. Revival is needed not just because of our time but also because it focuses on the heart, that is, on personal response to God [Read More…]