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What Churches are Influential in University Communities? (RJS)

Scot linked yesterday to the Missio Alliance website – where the page starts with an observation: “North America has become a mission field. In large parts of our culture, Christianity now exists at the margins and is met with a sense of antagonism amidst the growth of religious pluralism.” Nowhere is this more true than [Read More…]

Seattle or Green Bay?

OK, I’ve watched the replay a number of times but I can’t see that the evidence is so abundantly clear that the Packer defender (Jennings) was the one who caught that ball. I’ve got no dog in this fight; the Bears aren’t going to beat the Packers in the Black and Blue division; I’m not [Read More…]

The English are Civil when it comes to Squatters Rights

From WaPo: Squatting, or the unilateral occupation of at least temporarily vacant property, has been a rite of passage for Britain’s young, down at heel and artistically inclined since at least the psychedelic 1960s. But with evidence that squatter numbers are surging — intruder eviction cases have doubled over the past year in posh London [Read More…]

A Second Century View of Adam (RJS)

The church has been around for something like 2000 years. Christians have been wrestling with the scriptures, with the nature of God, trying to understand both Christ and Church for two millenia – well over 20 times the length of time any of us will have to wrestle with the issues. We stand on the [Read More…]

Smooth Places in Turbulent Waters

Perhaps the 21st Century will be when evangelicalism develops an ecclesiology. Perhaps, I say, because the prospects right now are nothing but turbulent waters. Denominations are shrinking noticeably; more and more churches are going rogue. Some are calling for reviving the 1st Century’s house churches and others are non-denominational and mostly disconnected from one another. But [Read More…]