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What would you want to resolve?

Esther Inglis-Arkell has an article about what could be resolved by time travel. Leading to this: what would you want to resolve through time travel? Time travel has long been used, in fiction, as a method of correcting past wrongs or stealing past riches. This usually leads to trouble. But what if all time travelers [Read More…]

Samford and the Dotson-Nelson Lectures

Last week I was honored to give the Dotson-Nelson lectures at Samford University in Birmingham, and I can’t thank Matt Kerlin enough for the time I had at Samford’s beautiful Colonial Georgian architecture. But it got started with breakfast — with our good friend’s son, Owen Wagoner and his buddy Jay, and they took me [Read More…]

Honest Answers to Honest Questions

What is perhaps most remarkable about the Christian faith is how adaptable and resilient it is. Think about this set of factors: the Story of God’s presence in an ancient people (Israelites) took on a different life with the Man from Galilee (Jesus) whose life and death and resurrection became the core of a Roman-Jew [Read More…]

Homeschooling is Not for All: Listen to your friends

From a reader, and we will be having two responses tomorrow from a homeschooler and a pastor: What wisdom do you have for her? for the family? I hope all is well with you.  I hope too your new faculty position is proving to be a blessing and a wonderful and formative ministry towards those [Read More…]