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Does it matter?

Who and whom … does the latter term matter to you? From The Economist: Since whom is becoming less common, many people can’t use it properly even when they are aiming for Formal. (A common mistake is using it in a subject role, for example: That’s the candidate whom I hope will win the election. Here, the mistake is in [Read More…]

Tell me the truth, you swing voters…

Did last night’s debate lead you, the swing voter, to shift your vote toward Romney or Obama? Kevin Baker, at Harper’s Magazine, vented on the President with these words, calling his piece “The Man Who Would be Ex-President,” but I would still ask if the debate is shifting the vote: I mean, think about it. [Read More…]

Writing Suggestion: Think Concrete

This piece, by John Maguire, nails it. Learning to think concretely and write about objects makes writing much better. As a college writing instructor, I have seen many students show up in a freshman comp class believing they can’t write, and their opinion is valid. They don’t realize that it’s because they lack certain skills [Read More…]

Organic vs. Non-organic: Healthier vs. Less so?

Mark Bittman says Yes. I tried to ignore the month-old “Stanford study.” I really did. It made so little sense that I thought it would have little impact. That was dumb of me, and I’m sorry. The study, which suggested — incredibly — that there is no “strong evidence that organic foods are significantly more nutritious than [Read More…]

A Conversation about Paul’s Adam (RJS)

We’ve been looking at the question of beginnings from the perspective of the early church fathers using Peter Bouteneff’s book, but it is also useful to listen to what contemporary Christian thinkers have to say about the question of Adam. This 5 minute clip comes from the new BioLogos film From the Dust directed by [Read More…]

Practices of Missional Spirituality

The first missional theologian in the church — after the resurrection — may have been James who had to poke the messianists of his community in the eyes and thump a bit on their chests with words that said believing is not enough; you must be doers. Faith without works, he said, is deader than [Read More…]