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The Price of Wine

From Salon: People have been drinking wine ever since some lucky farmer accidentally fermented his fruit many thousands of years ago. Yet to most people wine remains something of a mystery. We accept that some bottles will cost five or 10 times as much as the $15 wine we pick up for dinner. We may think we know the [Read More…]

On Moderate Mitt

David Brooks, as usual, offers insights: Always dangerous to bring up politics, but do you think Romney shifted in his debate? Do you think Romney is now sketching a moderate course that will appeal to more Americans?  Romney didn’t describe a comprehensive governing philosophy, but he gave us a hint of a strong center-right pragmatic [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: John Frye

Eugene Peterson notes that rarely do we read apocalyptic and pastor in the same sentence. The two words “grew up on different sides of the tracks.”  EHP writes, “Apocalyptic has a wild sound to it: an end-of-the-world craziness, a catastrophic urgency…. The word is scary and unsettling. … Pastor is a comforting word…the word accumulates [Read More…]

Two Challenges to the Faith with Jeff Cook

This series is by Jeff Cook… I love Top 10 lists. Movies, sports stars, events—I will watch “The Top 10 Doily-Knitters of All Time” if its on. This post begins a set of two Top 10 lists: for and against God-belief. I write these lists as a theist, as one who believes in God (though [Read More…]