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Discerning Pill Popper?

From Go to the link above to read about each drug/pill. [Read more…]

I Agree

Do you? Peter Bergen: But without an international framework governing the use of drone attacks, the United States is setting a dangerous precedent for other nations with its aggressive and secretive drone programs in Pakistan and Yemen, which are aimed at suspected members of al Qaeda and their allies…. Just as the U.S. government justifies [Read More…]

Historical Jesus Contrarian

Well, I didn’t get to attend the Historical Jesus conference last weekend led by Chris Keith and Anthony LeDonne, but I’ve seen a couple reports taking me to task for my view, which was part of the book published, though I’m not sure the posts are taking my definitions seriously enough, so let me clarify. [Read More…]

Does Design Support God-Belief? (by Jeff Cook)

This continues our MWF series by Jeff Cook, information at the bottom of this post: #5:  Design Flaws If God exists, he is an excellent architect of our world. The function of a human being is to attain happiness (Aristotle). If God is the architect of our world, God has made us to seek and [Read More…]