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Do you need a coffee or a nap?

From Vanessa Gregory: Both caffeine and sleep have restorative properties. So should you sip or nap? It depends on the situation. Your head hurts: Drink Coffee You want to run fast: Drink Coffee You’re grumpy: Drink Coffee & Take a Nap You need to ace a test: Take a Nap You’re gambling: Take a Nap You need creative insight: Take a [Read More…]

Do you send cards any more?

From AP: KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) – Say it’s your birthday or you’ve just had a baby, maybe got engaged or bought your first house. If you’re like many Americans, your friends are texting their congratulations, sending you an e-card or clicking “Like” on your Facebook wall. But how many will send a paper greeting [Read More…]

A Conversation About Genesis (RJS)

We’ve been looking at the question of beginnings from the perspective of the early church fathers using Peter Bouteneff’s book. The post Tuesday concentrated on Basil – and his Hexaemeron.  But it is also useful to listen to what contemporary Christian thinkers and biblical scholars have to say about Genesis. This twelve minute clip comes [Read More…]

The Moral Minority

The state of the church when we came of age often becomes our perception of far more than that period. Two examples: there are many young evangelicals who simply don’t comprehend — mostly because of the perception issue already mentioned — how diverse evangelicalism was in the era of Billy Graham and John Stott. And, [Read More…]