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A New Kind of Politic: Tony and Shane

From Relevant Magazine: TONY CAMPOLO: Shane, I have a question to ask that may make you squirm a little bit. From hearing you talk and reading your books, you often seem to suggest that Christians not participate in the political process, and that political activism is somewhat futile. Have I understood your position correctly? SHANE CLAIBORNE: The [Read More…]

Election Reform: Where to begin?

With the Electoral College, so says Jonathan Turley: We are now just a month away from the presidential election and our continued inexplicable use of the Electoral College. I have previously discussed steps that we can take to reform our political system. However, the starting point should be the elimination of the electoral college and the requirement [Read More…]

Lashed to the Mast: John Frye

This column, From the Shepherd’s Nook, is by John Frye. He’s providing for the Jesus Creeders an excellent sketch of Eugene Peterson’s stuff on pastoring. Odysseus, in Homer’s Odyssey, learns about an enchanting song sung by the sirens of the sea. The song seduces the hearts of the unsuspecting sailors causing them to sail to [Read More…]

Jeff Cook’s Big If

Top 10 – Arguments Against God’s Existence #4-1 (Jeff Cook) Socrates said, “Philosophy begins with wonder” and nearly all human beings at all times have looked at the world around them and, given its beauties, powers, and complexities, asked if what they saw was designed by a mind for a purpose. I think it is [Read More…]