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Parenting Thought

From Brink Lindsey: (At the link you can read the whole article). Today’s hyperventilating “helicopter parents” are comic fish in a barrel. Playing Mozart to their babies in utero and dangling Baby Einstein gewgaws over their bassinets. Obsessing over peanut allergies, turning school science fairs into arms races of one-upmanship, and hiring batteries of private [Read More…]

Sexual Abuse Resources

From a reader of this blog: I recently was reading through 1-2 Samuel. These books, of course, include the story of the rape of Tamar. I tell others to handle this and similar stories (e.g., Dinah’s rape in Gen 34) with great care when they teach/preach because such stories can stir up pain for victims of [Read More…]

Dangerous Encouragement

John Collins, professor at Yale Divinity School, is right. “When it became clear that the terrorists of September 11, 2001, saw or imagined their grievances in religious terms, any reader of the Bible should have had a flash of recognition.” This comes from John J. Collins’s short book, Does the Bible Justify Violence? , which itself is rooted [Read More…]

In the City

In the 1960s, or roughly the same time the Great Migration of African Americans left the South and came North or left rural areas for the big cities, many white Americans fled. Perhaps the most oft-told story is about Detroit, but suburban development occurred not just because there weren’t enough homes in the cities. It [Read More…]