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Billy Graham, BGEA, and the Mormons

From CT,  which has a short piece up about the BGEA’s decision, after Billy Graham met with Mitt Romney, to remove Mormons from their site as a cult. Ken Barun, the BGEA’s chief of staff, confirmed the removal on Tuesday. “Our primary focus at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has always been promoting the Gospel [Read More…]

What do you see here?

James Michener found a list of twelve rules in a Spanish community on a church door… what do you see here? Dated July 11, 1943, the poster read as follows: 1. Women shall not appear on the streets of this village with dresses that are too tight in those places which provoke the evil passions [Read More…]

Martha Nussbaum and Your Inner Life

From Maria Popova’s always interesting column… this one on letters to the next generation… here’s a brief excerpt from Nussbaum’s letter about advice for the next generation: What’s your advice on developing an inner life? One of the most poignant letters comes from philosopher Martha Nussbaum, who makes an eloquent case for the importance of cultivating [Read More…]

Love Is the Name of the Game (RJS)

As I was preparing last week’s post A Conversation About Genesis, I came across the YouTube video of this extended reflection by Tom Wright put out by World Vision as part of a Faith Effect campaign in Australia. This is an excellent clip – well worth the 11 to 12 minutes or so it takes [Read More…]

Moral Minority, Phase 2

Carl Henry, in 1947 in his book The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism, called American evangelicalism out of its fundamentalist closet and into the public sector, and in so coming out evangelicalism was called by Henry to become intellectually responsible. That book generated “neo-evangelicalism” and re-generated much of American evangelicalism. Within two decades of Henry’s [Read More…]