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Bears Next?

Are bears next? Got any stories of adaptable animals? In the 12 years that Stan Gehrt has been tracking a population of coyotes on the Northwest side of Chicago, living not far from O’Hare International Airport, he has watched them adapt to the city in some pretty stunning ways. For one thing, they understand traffic [Read More…]

AP Courses: Corrupt?

John Tierney says Yes, and here are his reasons: My beef with AP courses isn’t novel. The program has a bountiful supply of critics, many of them in the popular press (see here and here), and many increasingly coming from academia as well (see here). The criticisms comport, in every particular, with my own experience of having taught an [Read More…]

Books with Titles from Hymns

Andy Stanley’s new book is called Deep & Wide and I can’t see the book’s title without breaking into the song we sang (it seems) every week as a kid; it was one  song we all knew and could sing. Andy’s the pastor of a monster-big church in Atlanta. I was originally asked to speak at [Read More…]

Top Ten Arguments for God: Jeff Cook

Jeff Cook (info at bottom) has examined ten arguments against God-belief and now he turns it around for the positive case — apologetics — of arguments Socrates said, “Philosophy begins with wonder” and nearly all human beings at all times have looked at the world around them and, given its beauties, powers, and complexities, asked [Read More…]