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Gentrification and African American Church Decline

From The Atlantic by Alessandra Ram: This is a distinctive American problem, but one that contradicts the point of Paul’s mission: getting two ethnic groups into the same room around  (and under) King Jesus. In cities across America, a new population is moving to neighborhoods formerly occupied by working-class African Americans. Property developers, eager to [Read More…]

A Northern Experience

My experience at Northern Seminary is that our students are discerning God’s will and God’s call — and it is a joy and privilege to teach one student after another who not only is discerning but doing so in the midst of ministry and not in the hope or plan of ministry. Student after student is telling [Read More…]

Allegory or History … The Focus is on Christ (RJS)

The last two church fathers considered by Peter Bouteneff in his book  Beginnings: Ancient Christian Readings of the Biblical Creation Narratives  are Gregory of Nazianzus and Gregory of Nyssa. These two, along with Basil introduced in the posts last week, are known collectively as the Cappodocian Fathers. Basil was bishop of Caesarea Mazaca in Cappadocia. [Read More…]

Test Your Church

The questions are these: Is your church missional? How would you know? What are the elements that prove a church is missional? Lots of folks claim the word “missional.” Some claim it with a robust theology — John Franke, Darrell Guder, David Fitch — while others claim the word who are little more than disaffected [Read More…]