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Outlets, outlets, outlets

Tom Szaky … some good suggestions for airports and airplanes. What would you add? No matter how you do it, travel is a strain — made worse, I believe, because airlines seem to have a hard time with customer service. Maybe it’s just because there are always so many exhausted travelers complaining. Or maybe it’s [Read More…]

Fare Thee Well, Betty

Today Kris and I and her family will participate in the funeral of her elderly mother. Betty Norman was a delightful mother-in-law and we love her and will miss her, and consider ourselves blessed to have been in her circle of mothering. She died painlessly and quietly in her sleep Monday night. The picture is [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: The Pastor’s Language

Our Shepherd’s Nook column is by John Frye, who again takes us to someone many consider America’s pastor to pastors, Eugene Peterson. I agree. When Eugene H. Peterson gave a keynote address that I heard at a writers’ conference at Spring Arbor College, he said, “Writers must be shepherds of words.” That stuck with me. [Read More…]

Assumption, Identify Yourself!

Perhaps you do what I do at times. I wonder what assumptions some folks have when they read Genesis 1 or 2 or 3. Most folks don’t get too worked about Genesis 4–11. Since so much matters in Genesis 1–3, it’s a good test case for assumptions. What assumptions are at work in the following: [Read More…]