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Cook Your Own Meals

… that’s what this study says: Might as well be up front: we eat at home Sunday-Thursday night; we share the cooking duties, though I do most of it and love doing it. Truth telling time: I barely did a thing in the kitchen for the first 28 yrs of our marriage so I’m still [Read More…]

Not Just Universities

How does this apply to churches? For example, in a framework presented by Cook-Greuter (here), there are three conventional stages of adult human development in which  77% of adults typically find themselves:  diplomat, expert, and achiever. In diplomat, an individual makes meaning by conforming with group norms, and a leader in diplomat will often use words, like “family” [Read More…]

Church: Institution for Overactive Consciences?

So what is that many of us are members of, participants in? Just what is this thing called “church”? I like it when pastors theologize, so when Andy Stanley gets to doing theology I want to see how he thinks. I know how he preaches; I know how he writes; but in his new book Deep [Read More…]

Dealing with the Stress of Ministry

If Wayne Cordeiro says this, then it deserves consideration: “I wish this book had been written sooner.” Which book? That Their Work will be a Joy: Understanding and Coping with the Challenges of Pastoral Ministry  (ed. Cameron Lee and Kurt Fredrickson). Two parts to this book: the context of ministry and the principles. The Context involves [Read More…]