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What is Espresso?

Smithsonian has a wonderful article on the history of espresso but this concluding paragraph summarizes what espresso is: Over more than a century, the espresso machine has been drastically improved, with electrical components, computerized measurements, and portable pneumatics. But as with the finest objects of design, science and technology is not enough. There is an [Read More…]

The Pastor and Politics

From Mark Stevens: Upon reading this I was reminded of why it is not my job as a pastor to become embroiled in politics or political issues; at least not in an activist sense. My role as a pastor is to proclaim Christ and him crucified. To invite people, powerful and weak, rich and poor [Read More…]

Wow, Job (RJS)

I was inspired earlier this year to listen to the whole Bible straight through – inspired by the example of some of the regular readers and commenters on this blog. In the course of this project (as of today I am about 3/4 of the way through a second pass) I have learned quite a [Read More…]

Christians, Muslims Team Up in Apologetics

Again, this series by Jeff Cook. One of the best argument for God’s existence comes from Islamic philosophers, and has received a good deal of attention recently given our understanding of Big Bang cosmology. William L Craig’s formulation of the cosmological argument is clean and if you think postulating a material reality outside this universe [Read More…]