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Photo Seeking Caption

What’s your caption? (HT: Geeding) [Read more…]

Faith and Culture

Brian Zahnd, at Word of Life Church in St Joseph MO, had a dream. He dreamed of bringing theologians together with pastors to engage one another — let the theologian present an idea and then let the pastors engage the theologian. I was privileged of being asked to be the theologian at the 2012 version [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

How complementarian is the Bible? Listen to Phil Payne discuss this question at TEDS on Nov 12, 7pm. At the A.T. Olsen chapel. Roger Olson on oppression, sometimes against boys and males. No matter what! Beautiful story by April. Greg Boyd… always worth the read or listen: “This message leaves unanswered a multitude of questions that [Read More…]