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NCAA Crackdown?

The NCAA has announced crackdown measures. I don’t know what you think, but my own belief is that “amateur” sports is a relic from the past, and I would think it would be wiser to figure out how to make these teams minor league professional sports … pay the athletes. Forget spending millions on policing [Read More…]

Racism Changing? No

From AP: WASHINGTON (AP) — Racial attitudes have not improved in the four years since the United States elected its first black president, an Associated Press poll finds, as a slight majority of Americans now express prejudice toward blacks whether they recognize those feelings or not. Those views could cost President Barack Obama votes as [Read More…]

European Socialists and Islam

From Colin Shindler: But the question remains: why do today’s European socialists identify with Islamists whose worldview is light-years removed from their own?… The old left in Europe was forged in the struggle against local fascists in the 1930s. Most of Europe experienced a brutal Nazi occupation and bore witness to the atrocities of the [Read More…]

For Those Serving

A prayer for those serving those who are suffering and displaced due to hurricane Sandy: Heavenly Father, whose blessed Son came not to be served but to serve: Bless all who, following in his steps, give themselves to the service of others; that with wisdom, patience, and courage, they may minister in his Name to the suffering, the friendless, [Read More…]

Creation Groans; But Why? (RJS)

One of the passages that comes into play in the discussion of modern science and the Christian faith is Romans 8, especially verses 19-22. Certainly Romans 8 provides another reflection on Genesis 3 and the consequence of the Fall.  Or so many think. In Genesis 3 we read: To Adam he said, “Because you listened [Read More…]

Spiritual Formation Movement: A Challenge

The spiritual formation movement, at times (not always), seems to suggest if you practice the disciplines you will be spiritually formed. That tendency has then been picked up by churches to create “programs” for each discipline with the hope that by providing the program the church will foster spiritual formation. And sometimes this happens. But [Read More…]