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Was Jesus or Adam a Zombie? Jeff Cook says…

Was Jesus a Zombie? by Jeff Cook (info at bottom). He came back to life after his death. He is chasing all human beings everywhere. Once he gets hold of people, his blood changes them and they in turn seek to change others. Could it be more clear? Jesus was a Zombie. I just started [Read More…]

Reformed and Missional

The word “missional” has a history: it owes its origins in Karl Barth who spoke about the action of God in this world but it was captured by the ecumenical movement to become mostly social activism in the public sector. Two theologians, probably neither “evangelical,” recaptured the term “missional” and reshaped it toward its more [Read More…]

Books You Should Know

My desk is like a revolving door. Books land on it, I have to discern if it is a book for the blog or not, I read some and I give some away (to Northern students) and I shelve a few. But some books are not for blogging through, yet they deserve to be mentioned [Read More…]