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Shark Vision

This is a cool summary — shark vision is so good perhaps making humans look like something they dislike — a kind of snake — might lessen shark attacks: Larger optic tecta in the brains of sharks – analogous to the superior colliculus structure in human brains, which deals with behaviour in relation to visible objects [Read More…]

Peggy Noonan on the President

Peggy Noonan, summarizing Bob Woodward’s evaluation of the President, criticizes the President … a strong political commentary from the right. [And, please don’t read this post and infer my own politics. I like to find incisive commentary and let it create a conversation. Anyone’s comment that questions whether this post belongs on this blog will [Read More…]

Misreading the Bible because we are Western

I speak, of course, only of Westerners. Ah-ha moments in Bible reading come to all of us, and perhaps you can remember one and tells us about it, but I can remember a few: when I realized the Bible’s writers and characters were ancient Jews and not modern American (Baptists), that they spoke Hebrew and [Read More…]

No Creed but the Bible?

Some pastors, preachers, professors, and parishioners will announce they have “no creed but the Bible.” One of America’s Reformed church historians, Carl Trueman, now has a book challenging both the accuracy of this statement (we all have creeds and confessions he observes) and the wisdom of it — not to mention its seemingly inconsistency with [Read More…]