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Introverts and Language

From Research Digest: Participants who scored higher in extraversion tended to describe the photos in terms that were rated by an independent coder as more abstract. For example, they used more “state verbs” (e.g. Jack loves Sue) and adjectives, and they admitted to engaging in more interpretation – describing things that were not directly visible [Read More…]

Science and Weather

From the NY Review of Books by Bill McKibben: Science and its practical consort Engineering mostly come out of this week with enhanced reputations. For some years now, various researchers have been predicting that such a trauma was not just possible but almost certain, as we raised the temperature and with it the level of [Read More…]

Conscience: What does it tell us?

Jeff Cook’s series on arguments for God continues with this reflection on conscience. What does the argument for conscience do for you? We are quickly approaching the half way point. This is an argument from Peter Kreeft. Both Aquinas and Aristotle use the style here, and it’s a helpful framework for those arguing for God’s [Read More…]

The Ideal Christmas Service

Some churches are already planning Christmas — and some have been at it for months already. Even low churches observe the Church’s calendar at Christmas. At major Christian calendar events — Christmas, Good Friday, Easter — Scripture should take the lead. Our words fail in comparison to the sacredness of Scripture, to the beautiful simplicity [Read More…]