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Five Years Early Demurral

Roman Catholics have been invited to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, a celebration sponsored by the Lutherans of Germany. (Reuters) – It’s rare to be invited to an event five years off and even rarer to bicker about its details, but Germany’s Catholic Church finds itself in that delicate situation thanks to an overture [Read More…]

PhD and Career Shifts

By L. Maren Wood: You have perhaps heard this from me before. My concern is with those PhDs in Bible or Theology of History who are primarily focused on teaching in Bible, theology, religion and philosophy departments but who are struggling to find a job. A PhD in such a field needs to see her [Read More…]

The accuser is not Satan (RJS)

The prose prologue to the book of Job, found in chapters 1 and 2, introduces a number of issues that challenge standard Christian presuppositions. As a result I am going to move rather slowly, in two or three posts, through the prologue to think about some of these issues. The commentaries by John Walton (Job [Read More…]

Environment Matters

This post is for those whose church meets in a single location on a regular basis. That is assumed but no more is assumed. The environment in your church matters because any “visitor” who shows up will evaluate “what you offer” by what they see and experience. They could be 95% wrong and wildly inaccurate, [Read More…]