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Women at the Wall

From Religion and Ethics Newsweekly: There were protests in Israel and elsewhere this week in support of a Jewish woman arrested for leading a group of women in prayers at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. Anat Hoffman, from the group Women of the Wall, was arrested for “disturbing public order.” Israeli policy bans women from reading from [Read More…]

Orthodoxy and Justification by Faith

Theodore Stylianopoulos on responding to the evangelical understanding of conversion, justification, and works, but you will have to go to the site to see the full exposition that sets the stage for these conclusions: Let us sum up the main points.  The work of salvation belongs entirely to God.  It is God through Christ and [Read More…]

An Every Person Ministry

Tim Keller suggests it takes about 20-25% of a congregation to be engaged in ministry for a church to become a genuine “missional” community. I repeat what I’ve said before: many like to say they are “missional” because they want to avoid being “evangelistic.” Tim Keller is at the other end of the spectrum: missional [Read More…]

Politics and our Eschatology

Somewhere overnight or this morning the eschatology of American Christians may become clear. If a Republican wins and the Christian becomes delirious or confident that the Golden Days are about to arrive, that Christian has an eschatology of politics. Or, alternatively, if a Democrat wins and the Christian becomes delirious or confident that the Golden [Read More…]