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Divided, and perhaps that’s good

The American political scene is divided and partisan. Matthew Yglesias says that might be the point (where’s Hegel when you need him?): Is partisan politics better than the alternative? Why do we grouse, then, about a divided country? Political partisanship is kind of like representative democracy itself—a terrible mess, but clearly superior to the alternatives. [Read More…]

The Story Does Not Change

Andrew Perriman points to the significant issue many Anabaptists today — not historic Anabaptists, mind you — have with the God of war in the Bible. Perriman pushes back. Here’s a clip, read the rest for his fuller response, but I’m curious what you would say to this sketch: It is very troubling—especially to Anabaptists—that YHWH is [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: Pain

This series on pastoral theology is by our friend, a pastor, and an author: John Frye. For whatever convoluted reasons, I avoided conflict for many years in ministry. I liked to think of myself as a “peacemaker,” but what I was really was a pain-avoider. Later in ministry I got some very wise counsel about [Read More…]

Are American Evangelicals Seduced by Militarism?

This post comes from Preston Sprinkle. Are American Evangelicals Seduced by Militarism? Is militarism consistent with Christian faith? American militarism. The very phrase evokes a cacophony of responses from the public, not least from the American Evangelical church. It’s undeniable that America is becoming more and more militarized, as several recent books have pointed out [Read More…]