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How We Voted

From Pew: [Read more…]

Saturday Book Review: Habets and Grow and Evangelical Calvinism

Evangelical Calvinism This post is written by Wes Vander Lugt Featuring: Myk Habets and Bobby Grow, eds., Evangelical Calvinism: Essays Resourcing the Continuing Reformation of the Church (Wipf and Stock, 2012). You are mistaken if you think Calvinists are all cut from the same cloth. As Habets and Grow explain in their introduction, evangelical Calvinism [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

Chicago Bears sports fans are still yacking about the amazing game played last Sunday by “Peanut” Tillman. His performance was perhaps the most influential game I’ve ever seen by a defender. Tillman and his wife are to have a new baby Monday … A good reason to read blogs, and a good reason not to [Read More…]