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Coffee’s Good for Words

From The Smithsonian: A cup or two of coffee doesn’t just give you energy—it might make you a think a little more quickly. That’s not exactly a shocker, but for coffee drinkers, a new study showing that caffeine can improve verbal processing speed should put a nice perk in your day. Despite conventional wisdom that [Read More…]

Friendly, but less-than-patient, Fire from within Evangelicalism

I got a note the other day from a friend who had read Peter Leithart’s piece at First Things, with the following words embedded in the letter. This must be said to evangelicalism, at least to the sort of evangelicalism who isn’t seeing what is happening. I also don’t think this should be about big [Read More…]

Monday Book Review Special: Theologian Trading Cards!

I first saw this idea some time back and thought Norman Jeune’s idea was fantastic. Not only because I loved baseball cards and had plenty of them — and that my mother threw them all away — but because some conversation around theologians by young theologians is important. I pray these cards will help educate [Read More…]

Building a Change Culture

For many readers of this blog it was the worship wars where it became obvious that times were changing. I remember someone fighting the worship wars — which meant drums and electric guitars and a worship band and not using hymnbooks for every blessed-by-God song — by saying his daughter would not be exposed to [Read More…]

Fuller Atonement Conference

Rich Mouw, President of Fuller Seminary and notable theologian, hosted four professors at a conference on the atonement — the issues continue to swirl around atonement. The four speakers were Daniel Kirk, Leanne Van Dyk, Vince Bacote and me. Besides being on Fuller’s marvelous seminary and seeing friends — like David Moore and Kurt Fredrickson [Read More…]