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Texas and the Secession Movement

From Chicago Trib: The petition filed by Texas residents has racked up about 100,000 signatures. Six others from Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee have collected 30,000. Among the seven states, only Florida gave its electoral votes to Democratic President Barack Obama in last week’s election. The Texas petition says the United States [Read More…]

Number One Obstacle

Adam and Christine Jeske, at IVP’s blog, asked college students… well, here are his words but you can go to the link for his explanations: Three weeks ago, I asked several hundred college students a question: What is your biggest obstacle today to giving your whole life for God’s global mission? Let me be clear, as I was that [Read More…]

Education: West vs. East

From NPR, on a difference between East and West when it comes to “struggle”: Stigler is now a professor of psychology at UCLA who studies teaching and learning around the world, and he says it was this small experience that first got him thinking about how differently East and West approach the experience of intellectual struggle. [Read More…]

Complementarianism and Darwinism

The facts are clear: Charles Darwin sketched animal behavior, and one good example is that of how male and female pheasants interacted, in the mode of Victorian theories of the relation of the sexes. Stephen C. Barton, in his excellent essays on “Interpreting Gender After Darwin” (in Reading Genesis After Darwin), quotes Cynthia Russett’s well-known study [Read More…]

The Unchanging Church

At the heart of so much discussion of the church, in particular missional church or seeker-sensitive church, is change and adaptation and relevant and listening to the audience and serving the sorts who need our service. One church that is absolutely and resolutely against the adaptation theme is the Eastern Orthodox Church, and it is “meet and [Read More…]