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C of E and Women Bishops

From UK Guardian: The Church of England has been plunged into its gravest crisis in decades after legislation that would have allowed female clergy to become bishops, and swept away centuries of entrenched sexism, was rejected by just six votes. In dramatic scenes at Church House in Westminster, a long-awaited measure that was the result [Read More…]

Holiday Flavors

Mercy, see this? What have you seen as a new holiday “flavors”? 8:46PM EST November 18. 2012 – Every year, before the Thanksgiving turkey hits the platter, America’s food giants decide that consumers want to celebrate the holidays with something they can’t get the rest of the year: weird flavors. Not only is holiday 2012 no [Read More…]

The Electoral College

From the NYTimes, opining about the electoral college as defective, even if in some important ways it now favors Democrats: The Electoral College remains a deeply defective political mechanism no matter whom it benefits, and it needs to be abolished. We say that in full knowledge that the college may be tilting toward the kinds [Read More…]

We Must Believe in Age (RJS)

Among other things lately, I have been reading from Christian letters to a post-Christian world, a selection of essays by Dorothy Sayers, unfortunately out of print now. C. S. Lewis has a broad readership among Christians – and well deserved. But Sayers deserves a far broader readership than she receives. She was much more than [Read More…]

The Argument from You: Jeff Cook

You Prove God’s Existence (Argument #4 for God’s Existence) Most people think they exist.  Even Descartes, who set out to doubt everything, found he could not rightly doubt his own existence. But some stories, like Materialism, make believing in one’s self problematic. This may seem ridiculous at first, but notice: Materialism tells us a story [Read More…]