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It’s about Image

Remember Andre Agassi’s commercial? Here’s proof: 10:24AM EST November 19. 2012 – When it comes to body image, large, lean and muscular is in, and it’s “extremely common” for teenagers to turn to diet, exercise, protein powders or steroids in hopes of bulking up and enhancing muscle development, a study finds. Although these techniques are [Read More…]

Simple English

From Robert Krulwich: There are people (and I hear from them constantly) who think if a subject is sophisticated, like science, the language that describes it should be sophisticated, too. If smart people say torque, ribosome, limbic, stochastic and kinase, then the rest of us should knuckle down, concentrate and figure out what those words [Read More…]

Jesus for the Perplexed

A recent book in the excellent “Guide for the Perplexed” series is by Helen K. Bond, a notable New Testament historian at the University of Edinburgh. Her book is called The Historical Jesus. Raising this topic means we need to get a few ideas straight again. The historical Jesus is the reconstruction, by an individual scholar, of [Read More…]

Politicizing the Non-Political

If any two branches of the church should not be political it’s these two, yet they have both become profoundly politicized, one to the Right and one to the Left. It’s easy to see why Catholics are politicized — think of Rome and Italy and the Holy Roman Empire. Politics is part of the Catholic’s [Read More…]