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Signs of Resolution

I read about these Chinese folks who refused to abandon home in the name of development, and I have to say there’s a parable here — or a caption! [Read more…]

The Other America is the Majority

From Richard Florida: America’s stark class divides are a product of its ongoing economic transformation. As the ranks of the working class have shrunk due to the devastating one-two punch of automation and globalization, two other classes have swelled. On the one hand, there is the creative classof scientists and engineers; business professionals and knowledge workers; artists, entertainers, [Read More…]

When is Theology Truly “Biblical”

Everyone claims their theology is biblical. Which means “biblical” is used by everyone and so many different approaches use “biblical” that “biblical” diminishes in value. It becomes, sad to say, little more than a claim to authority. What does it take for you to say something is “biblical”? Does biblical theology (as historical description — [Read More…]

Wish Dreams and the Church: Mark Stevens

This post, by Mark Stevens, concerns Bonhoeffer’s famous expression about wish dreams and the church. The most challenging words I have ever read on the subject of community come from a little book by Dietrich Bonheoffer entitled, ‘Life Together’.[1] Alongside Henri Nouwen’s ‘In the Name of Jesus’ it is one of the best books on [Read More…]