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Pat Robertson on Creationism

From, a report about Pat Robertson’s response to a questioner: In a submitted question, the viewer wrote that one of her biggest fears was that her children and husband would not go to heaven “because they question why the Bible could not explain the existence of dinosaurs.” “You go back in time, you’ve got [Read More…]

What’s Up with the Holy Ghost?

From Chris Hodges, at Charisma Mag: Invisible, unpredictable, powerful… As the years passed, I learned to dismantle my misconceptions and inherited prejudices about the Holy Spirit. One of the main reasons was because my own Christian experience—fueled mostly by my own efforts—ended up being a failure, to say the least. When I finally invited the [Read More…]

A Perfect God?

Yoram Hazony, at NYTimes, a Jerusalem Jewish thinker, weighs in on the idealism of the God of perfection: How do you deal with those passages in the Bible? Does the Bible-as-Story/Narrative relieve any of this problem? Is God perfect? You often hear philosophers describe “theism” as the belief in a perfect being — a being [Read More…]

My Bible – A Jew’s Perspective (RJS)

The first essay in the new book by  Marc Zvi Brettler (Brandeis University), Peter Enns (Eastern University) and Daniel J. Harrington (Boston College), The Bible and the Believer: How to Read the Bible Critically & Religiously, is by Brettler. In this essay he reflects on the development and diversity of Jewish engagement with the Scripture [Read More…]

Embracing Mystery

Theology, better yet, knowing God, is like observing the sun. You look at it and you go blind; instead, you snatch glimpses and you learn to see everything else in light of the light the sun generates. That is, “… there may be certain things that are themselves too great to understand but that nevertheless [Read More…]