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Blog Posting Times

For about 2-3 weeks we have struggled with the “timestamp” device in Word Press at Patheos. Which means posts are not appearing at the right time… we’ve had them “Miss Schedule” and that meant we had to post them manually; we’ve had some appear as many as six hours early, which seems to be happening [Read More…]

Egypt’s Constitution

According to the AP, the new constitution is undergirded and contained by sharia: CAIRO (AP) – One of Egypt’s most prominent ultraconservative Muslim clerics had high praise for the country’s draft constitution. Speaking to fellow clerics, he said this was the charter they had long wanted, ensuring that laws and rights would be strictly subordinated [Read More…]

NDEs and Heaven

Are near death experiences an indicator of heaven?  Kyle Hill: And these takedowns have company. Paul Raeburn in the Huffington Post, speaking of Alexander’s deathbed vision being promoted as a scientific account, wrote, “We are all demeaned, and our national conversation is demeaned, by people who promote this kind of thing as science. This is religious [Read More…]

They’ve Changed Their Mind

Well, this is good news: the Bristol Christian Union has changed minds on the women speakers issue. (See the post below this one.) My thanks to RJS for finding this. A university Christian union that came under attack for not allowing women to teach at its main meetings has now said it will allow both sexes to [Read More…]

Desire to be Biblical

What I’d like to know is what happens if Junia shows up? Or Phoebe? or Deborah? or Huldah? Any exceptions to the policy?  The Christian Union at Bristol University decides women cannot teach unless their husbands are present. There is both nothing all that new here, but this illustrates selectivity in deciding which texts will [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: From Nazareth

Advent season provokes a question: why didn’t Jesus stay in Bethlehem after he was born? It would have been smarter for him to be raised there. Bethlehem had some proud history. Bethlehem could boast of Boaz, Ruth, and Jesse. David was anointed king by the prophet Samuel in Bethlehem. Bethlehem looked good on the resume. [Read More…]