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Hostile Intention

From The Incidental Economist: How might this play out in our homes, in our churches, or in our work place? Dodge and others have explored ways that individuals vary in their responses to such ambiguous signals and situations. One striking finding has obvious implications for youth violence prevention. Aggression-prone youth are systematically more likely to [Read More…]

Know What This Is?

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The Christmas Gospel 1

I want to do a series of brief posts reflecting on the gospel that Christmas declares. I begin today where the New Testament begins with the gospel: the genealogy of Matthew (1:1-17). Here we find a list of names, but the names are ordered into a message. There are three major points in the geneaology: [Read More…]

Questions about Hell

The claim is bold. The claim is this: those who are “in Christ” will spend eternity with God; those who are not “in Christ” will go to hell. The claim, then, not only claims that there is an afterlife, one in which there is blessedness or destruction, but the claim is to know who goes to [Read More…]

Consumed by Consumerism

When it comes to consumerism, are emerging adults (18-23) mapping a new way? Are they, fed up with consumerism, revealing patterns of another kind of life, a “good life” not rooted in consumerism? These are the questions answered in Christian Smith, with Kari Christoffersen, Hilary Davidson, and Paticia Snell Herzog, Lost in Transition: The Dark Side [Read More…]