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Climate Change and Contraception

Lisa Hymas: Richard Cizik has a knack for irritating right-wing evangelicals. He knows just how to do it, being an evangelical himself, though no longer one with standard right-wing political views. Cizik was a key leader of anevangelical Christian movement calling for climate action and “creation care” a few years ago, when he was vice president of governmental affairs for [Read More…]

The Christmas Gospel 3

What is the good news, the gospel, at Christmas? Very simply there is one basic message we are invited to announce: Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph, is the King. Notice this text from Matthew 2:1-12; it is one of my favorite Christmas stories and I hope you take the time to read the whole: [Read More…]

Jesus Creed Books of the Year

Every year we choose Books of the Year for the Jesus Creed readers, and this year’s choices are a bumper crop — but also see the note at the end of this post. We sample books in a variety of areas. I hope you enjoy our choices. Book of the Year David Swartz, The Moral [Read More…]

The Prophetic is the Progressive

An adjective seems necessary because the word “evangelical” is used by so many types. We’ve got conservative evangelical and progressive evangelical and European evangelical and moderate evangelical and charismatic evangelical. The need for an adjective doesn’t bode well for the word evangelical — it’s gotten too big for its britches. For two decades or more [Read More…]