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Was there ever better music by a sports team?

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California, what’s in your head?

Mercy, University of California goes from this ageless logo:   To this! This ranks up there with the Baptist General Conference going to “Converge International Worldwide” [Read more…]

The Christmas Gospel 4

In The King Jesus Gospel an argument is laid out that concludes the gospel is to declare that the Story of Israel (or the Bible) has been fulfilled in the Story of Jesus, who is King (Messiah) and Lord who saves. At the heart of this gospel then is a Story, a Story that begins [Read More…]

The Political Historical Jesus

Much of the quest for the historical Jesus has been shaped by one question: Was Jesus apocalyptic (or not)? What do you think? Yes or No? Not the point? Thus, most historical Jesus scholars propose either an apocalyptic Jesus (J. Weiss, A. Schweitzer, E.P. Sanders, D. Allison) or a non-apocalyptic Jesus (Jesus Seminar, M. Borg, [Read More…]

Intoxication’s Fake Feeling of Happiness

Here are some numbers: 78% of emerging adults drink; 47% binge drink; 10% drink 5x a week or more; 12% smoke pot weekly; 20% use illicit drugs. Here are some facts: “Alcohol consumption is a leading cause of death among youth, particularly teenagers, and contributes substantially to adolescent motor-vehicle crashes, other traumatic injuries, suicide, date rape, [Read More…]