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Heroes at Sandy Hook

From CNN: In a few minutes, 20 children and six educators were dead. Eighteen of the pupils — between the ages of 5 and 10 — died where they fell, investigators say. Two more were pronounced dead at an area hospital. Inside the classroom, Vollmer’s job — as it has been nearly every day for [Read More…]

To Scot, From Scot 2012

Here is our Christmas contest for 2012. I bought myself a gift, wrapped it up, and here’s the picture. I usually by myself a gift, a “To Scot from Scot” kind of gift, and I highly recommend this practice — the chances go way up about getting what you want! You guess what I’ve got [Read More…]

Saturday Book Review: Matt Chandler

This review comes to us from Mark Stevens, our friend down in Adelaide who blogs at The Parson’s Patch, and he explains the context for this review. Before I begin my review of Matt Chandler’s new book “The Explicit Gospel” I have to confess a few things. Firstly, earlier this year I read Scot’s book [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings

O Lord, Father of mercy and wisdom, we are struck numb by the hellish nightmare of the cold-blooded murder of young children, and want to begin this Weekly Meanderings with our prayers for the children, the leaders and teachers, their families, and those who are caring for them. We know you attend to those who [Read More…]