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Freedom Bites Back

We Americans value freedom, we value our freedoms, we value freedom — each one of us — to do what we want and to do what we think is right. We don’t want anyone confining us. What we earn is ours. What we do is our responsibility. We err on the side of freedom. Even [Read More…]

Eternal Conscious Punishment and Justice

Some contend that endless punishment for temporal sin is “intuitively and irreconcilably inconsistent with fundamental justice and morality.” Some contend right back that such a theological claim for that reason is arrogance , unsubmissive to God’s Word and rooting theology in our own moral perceptions. OK, I get that… but…. … anyone who claims humans [Read More…]

Sexual Revolution Deconstructed

The “60’s” and “sexual revolution” are synonymous. The 60’s generation nurtured children and taught the public the ways of the sexual revolution. The implications of that nurture and that teaching — that is, a generation of sexually liberated Americans — pervade our culture and it is hardly all good. Christian Smith and his team, in [Read More…]