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A Voice for These Times

Mr Rogers: 4. On What We Do “What matters isn’t how a person’s inner life finally puts together the alphabet and numbers of his outer life. What really matters is whether he uses the alphabet for the declaration of a war or the description of a sunrise–his numbers for the final count at Buchenwald or [Read More…]

Australia and Gun Laws

My own view on gun laws is for tighter regulations on who own guns and ramped up restrictions on what kinds of guns can be owned. But I believe in the church, and by that I mean the church needs to embody a kingdom ethic when it comes to guns. Christians ought to be different. [Read More…]

Spiritual Warfare: Problems

Some people see cosmic forces, even diabolical spiritual beings, at work whenever evil appears; others find such talk primitive and systemically dangerous. Within this either/or spectrum, James K. Beilby and Paul Rhodes Eddy find four approaches to “spiritual warfare”: (1) the world systems model of Walter Wink, the classical model of David Powlison, the ground-level [Read More…]

Young Adults: Disengaged from the Public Sector?

Did the election of 2008 indicate that emerging adults would turn the corner to become more engaged in the public sector? Christian Smith, with Kari Chistoffersen, Hilary Davidson, and Patricia Snell Herzog, in their book Lost in Transition: The Dark Side of Emerging Adulthood contend that the evidence shows that they are “less involved in various [Read More…]