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Jonathan Fitzgerald: A Quieter Voice

From Jonathan D. Fitzgerald: The most inflammatory voices are always the loudest; this is a fact of our contemporary media landscape. Threaten to picket at the funeral of innocent children killed in cold blood and you’ll make national headlines. Suggest that these killings were the result of expelling God from the public school system, and [Read More…]

Douthat’s Theory

Ross Douthat: But no matter how tight a connection one draws between a gun culture and a high murder rate, gun ownership is not an intrinsic evil: Most gun owners are law-abiding citizens, most guns are never used to kill, and the tragedies associated with the Second Amendment are exceptions to a liberty that’s mostly [Read More…]

Finally in Print! (and a question about Moses) (RJS)

Last April I posted on a new e-book by Peter Enns and Jared Byas designed to introduce normal people (whatever this means) to the book of Genesis … the most controversial, misunderstood, and abused book of the Bible. I concluded my post with a comment that the book is well worth the price, but I [Read More…]

Christianity and Guns 1

RE-POST: It is time. And it is the season of peace. We join the people of Newtown and Aurora and elsewhere to raise the flag of peace when it comes to guns. The church and its leaders ought to be first in line. I join them. James Atwood admits he has been waiting for 36 [Read More…]