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Walter Wink: Miracle is just a word we use for the things the powers have deluded us into thinking that God is unable to do. In J. Beilby, P. Eddy, Understanding Spiritual Warfare, 66. [Read more…]

Intercessory Prayer

From Walter Wink: There is no place for intercession with a God whose will is incapable of change. What Christians have too long worshiped is the God of Stoicism… The fawning etiquette of unctuous prayer is utterly foreign to the Bible. Biblical prayer is impertinent, persistent, shameless, indecorous. It is more like haggling in an [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook: Weeping with Newtown

This post is by John Frye. I imagine that many if not most evangelical church congregations at least paused a moment last Sunday and prayed for the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. My wife, Julie, and I noted that so many FaceBook messages called us to “weep with those [Read More…]

Confessions of a Former Gun Enthusiast

This post comes from a friend, a pastor, Doug Fondell.  Confessions of a Former Gun Enthusiast.   I grew up loving guns. Guns were always on my top 5 list when it came to Christmas gifts until about the age of 12. It seems Santa had a way of giving them to me whether I [Read More…]