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Who’s the Help?

Henry Blodget: Ron Unz of the American Conservative posits that 375-year old Harvard University has grown so rich that it is now essentially a giant hedge fund with a little school attached. The evidence: Harvard’s endowment is now back over $30 billion. To manage this endowment, Harvard employs a platoon of hedge fund managers who are paid like, [Read More…]

Samaritans: Alive and Doing Better

From Edmund Sanders, LATimes: Samaritans, who trace their roots back about 2,700 years, are best known for clinging to strict biblical traditions that have largely disappeared, including animal sacrifice, isolation of menstruating women and, until recently, a ban on marrying outsiders. But after facing near-extinction and being devastated by a high rate of birth defects because of [Read More…]

Weekly Meanderings: For Newtown

  A story from Elie Wiesel: Once, when speaking to his master, Rebbe Menahem Mendel Schneersohn of Lubavitch, the rebbe inquired why Wiesel was so angry at God. “Because I loved Him too much,” I replied. “And now?” he asked. “Now too.  And because I love Him, I am angry at Him.” The Rebbe disagreed:  “To love God [Read More…]