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News: Youth vs. Seniors?

From Derek Thompson: In the eyes of employers, marketers, and brand gurus, Generation Y tends to be treated like a separate species, forged in the primordial stew of Internet, whose habits are so positively alien to the rest of the country that they’ve inspired a cottage industry: The How-Do-You-Solve-a-Problem-Like-Millennials?genre. But a new report from the Pew Research Center (pdf) [Read More…]

Words We Don’t (Didn’t) Like

Arika Okrent: What’s your don’t-like word? Mine is delimit. Just as there is nothing certain in this world but death and taxes, there is nothing certain in language but that it will change, and that people will react badly. One of the changes people find most offensive is the spread of professional jargon that has been coined [Read More…]

What About the Virgin Birth? (RJS)

Not quite a year ago I wrote about the relationship of science and virgin birth in the context of John Polkinghorne’s book Testing Scripture: A Scientist Explores the Bible. Recently I’ve been reading Robert Asher’s new book Evolution and Belief: Confessions of a Religious Paleontologist and here the topic comes up again, but Asher has [Read More…]

Re-Run: Jeff Cook and Desire and God

This post is by our friend Jeff Cook… They Don’t Believe Because Your God Isn’t Desirable I watched the recent debate between William Lane Craig, a Christian, and Sam Harris an Atheist. The debate (seen Here) was over the foundations of morality. The Christian addressed the philosophical question at hand with skill and insight. By [Read More…]