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Neighborly Trust is Up

From USA Today: Americans are a neighborly lot — and increasingly so, according to a national study that finds 76% trust most or some of their neighbors, 44% talk to them frequently and 65% exchange favors. Now in its third year, the Civic Life in America report, released today, asked about trust of neighbors for [Read More…]

Five Degrees of Little “Use”

Yes, you guessed it … my field is one of them! What are they? Do you want to go back to school to earn a degree that could help you impress employers? If your goals include job offers upon graduation, you’ll want to choose your major carefully, says Vicki Lynn, senior vice president of Universum, [Read More…]

From the Shepherd’s Nook – A Pastor’s Take on the New Les Miserables

From John Frye Anyone who knows the storyline of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables (Les Mis) knows that any cinematic rendition will push strongly against the most common USAmerican movie theme: revenge. In conversation recently with friends, we all were troubled by how many movies are driven by the energy of “an eye for an eye, [Read More…]

Is Evangelicalism Ending? 2

David Fitch, in his new book, The End of Evangelicalism? Discerning a New Faithfulness for Mission: Towards an Evangelical Political Theology (Theopolitical Visions), thinks evangelicalism’s influence is more or less over, that it needs to reexamine itself, and that it needs to rediscover what it could be in our world. Here are the problems for [Read More…]