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Guns and Church

From WaPo: Derek Melton is the assistant chief of police in Pryor, as well as senior pastor at Pryor Creek Community Church, a congregation he describes as Baptist, but not Southern Baptist. “We follow the 1833 Baptist Confession,” Melton said. “We are an historically evangelical church.” The confession is better known as the New Hampshire [Read More…]

Internet, Social Media and Your Health

Do you use social media and the internet for your health? How do you use the internet for your health? [Read more…]

Kingdom New Testament

Kris and I are on holiday this week so there will be no Weekly Meanderings. We’ll be back on Meanderings next week! I’m not hearing much chat about Tom Wright’s new translation of the New Testament, called The Kingdom New Testament, but it sure does deserve careful consideration to be on your desk or chair [Read More…]