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Start a Blog?

Like this infographic? Get help on how to start a blog at [Read more…]

Are the PC’s Days Ending?

From Casey Phillips: Keyboards? Mice? Disc drives? It may be time to pull the plugs, experts say. After decades of monopolizing the home computing experience, the desktop PC could be on the way out. Technology experts say the rise of “second screen” devices such as smartphones and tablets represents a fundamental shift toward a “post-PC” [Read More…]

(Dis)Arming the Disciples (by Drew Strait)

So many want to appeal to Luke 22 to show Jesus was not against guns, but Drew Strait subjects that counter-appeal to an examination: (Dis)Arming the Disciples? Jesus’ View on Sword Control in Luke 22 The tragic events in Newtown have left our nation riddled with grief, and the use of semi-automatic weapons in this [Read More…]

Jesus on Murder (by T)

This post is by T, a contributor to the comments and a sometimes blogger at this site — and he opens the whole issue of guns from a different angle. Jesus on Murder Steven Zeitchik : [Django Unchained] has a fair amount of gun violence and can be a bit flippant about it. Does that [Read More…]