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Gratitude When Irate at the Gate

A bundle in our family was at the airport on our way to a family vacation, away from the wintry weather of Chicago and the snow storms were threatening, and our flight was delayed — 6+ hours, but who’s counting?! Folks at the gate were irate. Some threatened to abandon the trip altogether (they didn’t), [Read More…]

David Brooks: The Fiscal Flop

From David Brooks: They could have shown the world that the two parties can work together to avert the eventual calamity. They could have produced a balanced program that would have combined spending cuts and targeted tax increases. They could have reduced Medicare spending on the rich to free up more money for young families. [Read More…]

New Year, New School Year

In my first year back teaching seminary students (after 17 splendid years at North Park University teaching undergraduates), I’m returning to subjects I haven’t directly taught in years or not at all. Last Fall I taught Synoptic Gospels, which overlapped with most of my career of teaching and writing and preaching, but I also taught [Read More…]

Do You Have an Approach to Reading?

Some people read books from the NYTimes bestseller lists — fiction or nonfiction or both. Others read classics — Homer, Cicero, Dante. Others read what their friends recommend. Yet others read what their ideology says is important — libertarians read their own stuff, and liberals read their own stuff, and on and on it goes. [Read More…]