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Buy One of These

Yesterday a mysterious package landed at our front door. It came from Paraclete Press, my publisher of several books (including the Jesus Creed project). I hadn’t ordered anything and it didn’t feel like a box of books. I brought it in, grabbed my little Swiss Army knife, opened the blade, and cut ever so gently [Read More…]

The Nerd

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College Students and Stress

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Jesus Creed for Lent

In the last few years a number of churches, from a variety of denominations, have used our 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed for Lent. So let me encourage you, if you are looking for ideas, to consider using Lent as a time to reflect on and pray about and practice loving God and loving others — [Read More…]

Headlines to Newspaper Articles

Here’s some fun, and there’s more here: [Read more…]

The Bible Is Not the Center (RJS)

The Bible has always played an unimpeachable role in Christianity … It is not, however, the central focus of Christian faith. That position belongs to God, and Christians are called to trust him. … Coming to the realization that the Gospel is not at stake with every interpretive challenge will encourage a fruitful dialog between [Read More…]

Providential Accidents

How someone decides to study something, and then that something becoming one of life’s consuming projects, is often a story worth telling. (Got any stories of what led to any of your major passions?) Ed Fudge, deeply submerged into the culture of the Restoration (Stone-Campbell) Movement as a Church of Christ family, got into trouble [Read More…]