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Profession and Psychopath Correlation

The study did not have full explanations about why, but here is the list of the professions with the highest and lowest correlations with being a psychopath: The top 10 most psychopathic professions: 1. CEO 2. Lawyer 3. Media (TV/radio) 4. Salesperson 5. Surgeon 6. Journalist 7. Police officer 8. Clergyperson 9. Chef 10. Civil [Read More…]

Alan Jacobs Gets It

From The American Conservative, by Alan Jacobs, essayist: So in 2005 a very thoroughly researched and well-argued scholarly article was published that demonstrates, quite clearly, that group productivity is an illusion. All those brainstorming sessions and group projects you’ve been made to do at school and work? Useless. Everybody would have been better off working on [Read More…]

God is Real because our Brains are Reliable

God is Real Because Our Brains are Reliable (Jeff Cook) Socrates said, “Philosophy begins with wonder” and nearly all human beings at all times have looked at the world around them and, given its beauties, powers, and complexities, asked if what they saw was designed by a mind for a purpose. Whether you are a [Read More…]

The Jewish Context for What Jesus Said about Hell

For many people today what one believes about hell is a matter of fidelity to orthodoxy. Most don’t quite want to contend that if you don’t believe in eternal, conscious punishment you are a heretic though some get mighty close. In fact, for some the gospel itself is shaped to get people out of (a [Read More…]